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Buy Marijuana Seeds .com domain is direction to references and links to the best cannabis seeds a mature consumer can purchase online. Information within this site is for scientific reference, historical reference, educational reference, medical research, novelty and souvenir value. All data found in this domain is also available on the world wide web duplicated on other websites. We do not sell, handle, or ship any product. Laws vary all over the world, pay attention, do your homework and conduct yourself in a lawful manner. Learn to order marijuana seeds online with secure knowledge.

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Buy marijuana seeds for sale online right now from trusted suppliers and purchase the strongest medical marijuana genetics available today. Most growers and smokers want to know how to buy marijuana seeds and where online they are for sale. The buying and selling of marijuana seeds seems to be legally allowed to exist in many countries. In Canada you can visit local head shops in all the major cities where you will find marijuana seeds by physically walking into their shops or shopping their online stores. Recently while cruising through Toronto we saw a giant neon 420 sign leading the way. In Vancouver we heard over the radio to visit a Yaletown medical outlet for all our medical needs.  In the USA people can buy cannabis seeds for sale along with their medicine at most medical marijuana outlets that now number in the hundreds in California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington states alone. On a recent trip to California we saw people carrying giant signs advertising local medical marijuana shops, jumping up and down, making eye contact and screaming about their store. The place to buy cannabis seeds for decades has been Amsterdam leading the way in cannabis genetics. On a recent tour of Europe we stopped in a local smoker's cafe shop in Amsterdam where patrons could browse hundreds of types of weed. There are now over 1,500 head shops and growing retail stores in Europe and the UK. If you love to grow weed this is the best time to start. Worldwide shipping is now guaranteed by all big seedbanks. Numerous big internet seedbanks are retailing seeds bought wholesale directly from famous Dutch breeders. Now you can get right to the historically famous seed sources by yourself, get the honest prices for best strains, receive gold star buying and growing support at AWT Marijuana Seeds.

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Buy the best marijuana seeds ever produced. Today's marijuana genetics reveal the most potent choices a consumer has at their fingertips. Simply figure out  the traits you want in your weed and read their online descriptions before you purchase. Choose from tastes of sweet, fruity, pungent, earthy to mellow. Smells range from very stinky, skunky to sweet and berry like. A plants size can be manipulated for smaller closet space or huge greenhouse crops. The vegetative leaf state can be short, bushy, tall, lanky, or combinations of any of these phenotypes. Flowering stage time can be short and fast or long and large. The kind of buzz can go from a heady effect to a body stone and all the combinations of both. An online purchaser can buy feminized or regular marijuana seeds depending on if the grower wants all females or regular male/female plant production.

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If you need to know facts to help you grow marijuana seeds you'll need good high tech up to date information. Visit the supplied links to discover the newest techniques, fertilizers, equipment and know how to use it all effectively. To cultivate marijuana seeds you'll need to understand the cannabis genetics of sinsemilla, feminized and autoflower weed seeds. There are many aspects to purchasing seeds online you should be aware of, like how to tell if a website is legitimate, how to tell if the seeds you are buying are really what the were billed to be. You can learn how to buy marijuana and marijuana seeds online safely, securely, privately by credit card or mail in ordering.

Storing Purchased Marijuana Seeds

You can start a collection of marijuana seeds and store them for up to 5 years or more. Make sure you mark down the name of the pot, the date purchased and the vendor.  Most good cannabis seed banks will place new inventory in a humidity closet to bring up internal moisture content to 25% or more. The seeds are stored at 6 degrees Celsius remaining viable 5 or 6 years.  If you really want to go farther than 5 years of storage you can vacuum seal plastic coated aluminum bags to make sure the humidity stays constant. That all being said, I've kept seeds in my dresser drawer, in a sealed film container for 3 years. The product was still viable producing a 90% germination rate and wonderful big indoor pot plants.


A wonderful pile of marijuana seeds just off the mother plant, ready to be sorted and graded.
A new pile of marijuana seeds ready to sort and grade. Quality control centers on ripeness, size and germination rate. Upgrading seed stock must always be priority.

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